The proposed Twin Hills Wind Farm is located approximately 15 km northeast of Eneabba and 300 km north of Perth in the Mid-West region of Western Australia. The project area is predominantly cleared land, used for livestock and farming.

Wind Prospect is undertaking feasibility studies for the development of a wind farm with up to 140 wind turbines. The project site has been chosen due to its high wind resource and location near existing transmission infrastructure.

Wind Prospect has been undertaking wind monitoring at the site for some time, with a meteorological mast erected in 2008. More extensive wind monitoring is planned over the next few years.

Wind Prospect has been developing renewable energy projects in Australia since 2000. We have achieved planning approval for 22 wind farms and 2 solar farms, that total to more than 3,000 megawatts of electricity generation capacity. Of this generation capacity, more than 2,100 megawatts are either operating or under construction. You can discover more about Wind Prospect here.

We believe that the development of wind farms is a collaborative process between developers, landholders, local communities, Aboriginal custodians, technicians, data analysts, engineers, ecologists, sociologists, local and state governments, administrators and planners, manufacturers, small business, and volunteers.